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The website isn't all bells and whistles and eyepopping graphics.  The approach is humble, genuine and affordable to almost anyone who wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  The beginnings were like most things here in Muskegon...small, but very needed and today, the Muskegon County Men Who Care have tallied up nearly half a million dollars for organizations in need.  Tell me again how Muskegon isn't a town filled with miracles?  Bill O'Brien invited me down to learn a little more. 


From their website -  "Muskegon County Men Who Care was founded in 2011 by Bill O’Brien, Rev. Charles Poole, Joe Schulze, Gene Young, Keith Guy and Jon Felske. The idea is simple: 100 men or more giving just $100 each can really help a local charity.  “We recognized that we have local groups that never get to the front page but are always there doing what they can, and we wanted a way for those of us that are able to give to give in a way that would really help them,” said Rev. Poole of Norton Shores, who is pastor of Bethesda Baptist Church and was a member of the Muskegon school board for 22 years."  It's been a staggering effort that you might not have known about until now and the places that have been given a hand range from programs to support kids, fight hunger, assist the elderly, homelessness and more. $485,000 to date.  That's a lot of help. 

The group meets once a quarter and to quote the website once again - "On his way into the meeting, any member who wants to nominate a charity for our donation puts his name and the name of the charity on a slip of paper and drops the slip in a bag. Each member may put only one slip in the bag each meeting, and nominations must be re-entered each meeting. All members also take a separate slip for voting."  It's not only an outstanding way to help benefit a cause, it's a great way to gather and learn about what some of the work going on in Muskegon County is and who's doing it.  If you feel like there's not enough going on, this would be an outstanding starting point to begin a journey into the immense work that happens in Muskegon to help others.  

We really encourage you to CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE to learn more and become a part of this amazing organization that not only gives from the heart, you'll find others in it that you can learn and grow from and others too who you can see live by example when it comes to tending to a community.  A great way to contribute, learn more about yourself, network a little and make sure those organizations so near an dear to all of us continue to thrive. 

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