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Like most of us, I am a wee bit nervous around a bee.  One bee sting as a kid pretty much sets the tone for a lifetime when it comes to what to be on the lookout for when it comes to things that fly and hurt you.  Kim Wood wants you to think a little differently though, she's a bee keeper with hives all over the county and wants you to know more about bees and what is really the case, and you my friend are in for a 4 year degree in about 17 minutes.



I walked in to this interview filled with enough knowledge from watching PBS to think I would be able to at minimum be able to carry on a conversation. Where I was mistaken in that was found right at the moment I declared that I knew that bees are really the beginning of the food chain and should they be gone, the entire planet is on a path to destruction in a short order.  It begins with bees to pollenate the flowers, trees and everything else that the small animals eat.  It also is a part of the process for vegetation to grow and produce more crops and tree fruit.  Let's add in honey and of course the work they do that we don't think about when it comes to providing food, for our food.  Yes, without bees....animal feed is gone pretty quick and the snowball effect will seal the fate of all of us.

Bees at this time of year are undergoing one of the most important parts of their existence.  Their colonies are being "divided up" by the queens being moved and they can swarm.  See the pic below.  This is not a time to get out the spray and freak out.  This is the time to call a beekeeper or the Muskegon County Conservation District to find a beekeeper and let them collect the bees and get them to their home.  As Kim explains in the video, bees in a swarm like that are overly bloated with food.  They are helping in a very important cycle of sustainability and they are literally more fragile than they are dangerous, provided someone comes along that understands what they ae seeing and can take the proper action.  Kim herself rescued this swarm in her pajamas, under her beekeepers outfit and in a matter of minutes, most of the bees willingly followed the queen into the new hive Kim brought.  Way better than 10 cans of spray.

There's so much knowledge in this video.  Show it to your kids.  Show it in a classroom.  Learn more for yourself.  If you'd like to get to know Kim and her passion for bees a little more, VISIT WAGGLE DANCE HONEY BEES ONLINE.  It was a great pleasure to get such a deep lesson in bees today, and no overly chubby guys doing interviews or running cameras were stung in the production of this story. 

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A Swarm of Migrating Bees


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