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Think back to the 70's and 80's if you are old enough.  Just the thought of someone having a stroke was a horror story.  If not almost instant death, the level of damage that happened in the brain left people with almost insurmountable challenges after recovery with speech problems, mobility issues and more that quite often mean incapacitation.  Today, stroke is still the number 5 cause of death and a leading cause of disability in the USA, but up to 80% of strokes can be prevented.  Dr. Patrick Pavwoski from Trinity Health is here to share his incredible knowledge on the topic.



If Dr. Pavowski feels familiar to you, he is. He may have even been the first physician we had on as a guest from Trinity Health when we began working with them as a sponsor.  As a neurologist, knowing the brain and what effects it are the primary aspects of all he does and the treatment of a stroke today is so advanced that if you act quickly at the first signs of a stroke, the chances of a better recovery are the things that medical miracles are made of. 

A blockage of blood flow cuts off oxygen to the brain.  This is a stroke.  There is no pain associated with it compared to a heart attack so knowing the signs like a facial droop, arm weakness or numbing, speech slurring or incomprehensible.  If you encounter these or see someone who is, don't hesitate for a second to call 9-1-1.  This is the time when quick action can lead to a better outcome and possibly avoid the worst.  Zero delay in getting to the hospital and it's STRONGLY suggested that you travel by ambulance so the EMT staff can evaluate you and get word ahead to the stroke team at Trinity Health that you need immediate attention when you get there. One injection can free up the blockage in an almost immediate fashion and stop the damage. 

Sure, there are plenty of ways to live healthier to prevent the possibility all together.  High blood pressure and cholesterol are two key factors.  Smoking and vaping should be cut out of course.  A healthy diet and exercise are recommended and high alcohol consumption isn't a great idea either.  You cannot change things like family history, your gender or race....they do facto in as Dr. Pavowski explains too.  

Trinity Health Muskegon is certified as a Primary Stroke Center, which recognizes hospitals that meet standards to support better outcomes for stroke patients.  For ischemic stroke:  An IV injection of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (TPA)  Clot removal.  For hemorrhagic stroke: Medical therapy, Neurosurgery.  If you're having a stroke, or think you are....don't waste a second.  Trinity Health in Muskegon is where you need to be.

Our thanks to Dr. Pavwoski for spending a few minutes with us today with these important reminders.  


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