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What a wonder it is to live in a place where people with literally travel for hundreds of miles to see.  The symbolism and meaning behind a lighthouse is almost a global assurance of safety and security and they have been a part of the human existence for so long, it's pretty much a subconscious thought as to what they represent.  We drive by them daily.  Others, are not so lucky.  We do get the opportunity to share them with those who seek them and this weekend opens the season for these treasured beacons in Muskegon.  


Kim Lange invited us down to help share the news about this weekend's opening.  Muskegon Lights is the group that tends the lighthouses as well as provides the tours and maintains the small giftshop you'll find at 1431 Beach Street in Muskegon.  It's their opening weekend on Memorial Day and it's an exciting time as the gift shop is filled with the fun things that will make the visit memorable as well as give some local artisans a chance to show off their creations.  From beautiful photography to hand made Muskegon items, you will find them in the shop and of course, like any small shop in a tourist business, you're going to find someone who can spin you a yarn about the light houses and their significance.  Then, you get to go on the tour to the top for $5 bucks and see a sight that's limited to those in the world with access to it.  It's an almost surreal view looking 360 degrees our of the pure and spotless glass that houses the light.  It's one of the best spots anywhere to realize that we truly live on the edge of Heaven.

If you're a townie, there's a chance for you to pitch in too.  The Muskegon South Pier Lighthouse is always looking for an extra set of hands from a volunteer or two.  It's not a huge commitment to spend a 4 hour shift at the beach.  You'll get to enjoy the cool breeze, learn more about the lighthouse as well as the necessity for us to help raise a few bucks to repair and maintain them and above all, you'll get to be the memorable experience for someone who's made that journey to see exactly the symbolism behind all that is a lighthouse.  

Please CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE MUSKEGON SOUTH PIER LIGHTHOUSE ONLINE.  You can also follow them ON FACEBOOK to see if there are any last minute closures or changes if you plan to come down for a visit.  Our thanks to Kim Lange and "The Swag Guy" for their time today to help launch the season.  


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