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To help those who work to serve our Veteran community has always been a priority for us.  The dedication of the men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces is a lifelong commitment and when their time of active duty is over, to be able to assist them through any need possible is the debt we all pay in return.  It's a difficult system to navigate at times for Veterans and their families and it's even more complicated to aging Veterans who are not tech savvy and may struggle with online or mobile phone options.  In Muskegon, we are a community committed to making sure our Veterans are honored and cared for the best we can.  This Thursday, June 27th 2024 from 10a-1p, Veterans and families are invited to the USS Sliversides Museum for a Resource Fair.  Teresa Folkmier joined us today to talk about the event. 


There will be 15 or more agencies on hand this Thursday.  It's an opportunity to come and gather information that is needed or to maybe connect with people who can help in ways you may have not thought of.  From working with the VA directly to groups who support veterans in ways like respite, retreats and even furthering their education, it's an all hands on deck effort to connect those in need with the help they deserve.  There will be a chance for all Vets to stroll the museum and even take self guided tours through the treasured USS Silversides that is moored in the Muskegon Channel.  To walk through that ship is a walk into history and the reverence and dedication you'll feel is genuine.  The Silversides was one of the most lethal subs in WW2.  One look at the flags on top of the ship will show you just how many ships it sunk in the Pacific Theater.  The Silversides is a true testament to freedom.

The museum itself has grown too.  If you've not been in for a while, it's time for a return.  Exhibits have grown, the interactivity is up and the different educational lectures and experiences they put on are exceptional.  One of the key elements of the Sliversides Museum, are the stories of those who will share.  No, it's not easy for the Vietnam and earlier generations to talk about their experiences....they are of a generation who doesn't talk.  Our younger Veterans from Iraq forward may be more of the generation that does share, however.....what happens in war might even be more than they can give voice to.  The Silversides presents a safe space for all of our Veterans to share, listen, remember and heal.  It's truly one of the most important things we have in Muskegon County.

The event will begin at 10a.  You can visit the USS SILVERSIDES ONLINE  to learn more about the sub and the museum.  For updates on the Veterans event Thursday, CLICK HERE FOR THE USS SLIVERSIDES ON FACEBOOK.  

If you served, our most humble and heartfelt thanks.  If you are a family member of someone who did serve, this is open to you as well.  Thank you to the Silversides Submarine and Museum for having us out today to let you know about this great event.  

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