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John Foss is one of the greatest assets in Muskegon. He’s a 30 year veteran at Trinity Health and in his role as a Physician’s Assistant, he’s found his way into administration of hospitals and in his career path and growth he’s earned the trust and dedication of his teams as well as patients. One of his patients especially who’s got fist hand knowledge of his incredible bedside manner and great presence among care givers.


John’s career began in the military and upon his discharge, he found his way into the medical field and advanced as he worked his way through. It’s no different than anyone who’s going to take the working man’s approach to his future. Learning to be a Physician’s Assistant and Administrator through his time, he worked in all of the areas that Trinity has in Muskegon. That “one patient” we spoke of before, you guessed it, it was me. I had been admitted after a gallbladder surgery complication with a pancreatitis problem which was a lot more severe and painful than I imagined. Even looking back, it was a 7 day stay in the hospital that was probably the biggest risk I had ever been under, and John was on site daily to check up and assure that things were going to be ok. He and the nursing staff were just amazing and pulled me through some really dark days and nights.

John advanced to take over the helm in Shelby in January of 2019. As the Senior Vice President of Operations, John helped make the hospital in Shelby a vital part of the community and with the advancement in technology like telehealth and remote ability to connect with physicians, Shelby’s small hospital was on an even plane with pretty much any other health care facility in the country. Building the team was the key part and John’s ability to bring people together and work in symphony was cemented.

In Grand Haven, there was a retirement and John was given the opportunity to step into another smaller hospital that is vital to a little smaller community. Trinity Health in Grand Haven serves the community in many ways, and if you’ve been following our stories with Trinity, the addition of an inpatient recovery center is a huge addition to all of the Lakeshore. John is not overwhelmed with the appointment, as the team is solid and the services are embraced. It does expand the title some, John is now the Senior Vice President of Operations of Shelby and Grand Haven and if there’s a guy who’s more suited for the title and challenge anywhere, it’s going to be impossible for them to do better.

As we spoke, John’s at the 30 year mark in his career, and while most might be thinking about an easy chair and cabin in the woods, John is excited and energized at the chance to begin in Grand Haven and help refine the already great team in place there. Trinity Health continues to work to achieve the best care possible for people all up and down the Lakeshore. John’s added duties will run a couple of tire tracks in to US 31, but that’s just fine. We’re better off because of dedicated providers like John, and a personal note… I am better off having him as a friend.

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