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Back in 2015 I had had a job where I would use a program called Blogger to share something good about Muskegon.  The company has customers all over the country, so...the Monday-Thursday stuff was about the products and services, and Friday, I claimed for my own to brag up our town.  I wrote about beaches, ships, name it.  If it was an asset to Muskegon, their customer base heard about it. 


me suit

As time went on, and I left that job, like anyone I wondered what was next.  No job, no income, nothing lined up.  I got by on the "extras".  Money I made working at the race track, or hockey team and some social media pages I managed.  I was 45 and scratching my head as to what was next. I'm no hero, but I sure came to understand what it is to barely get by.

I thought back to that Blogger program, and remembered it was free.  So began Positively Muskegon.  Who's in town that needs some exposure?  Who's out there doing great things, but are lacking the resources to get the word out?  Who's in Muskegon and what they are doing....that matters to me.  I began the blog with a simple statement just like this one.  To the point, honest and open.  It's how I roll.  

As Positively Muskegon grew, well, it started to pay me back a little with some pretty awesome sponsors that share my vision.  People who know that there is SO much more here than we're given credit for.  Any community is the sum of it's people and what those people do makes a difference.  If all we ever hear about Muskegon is what's wrong with it, who got shot or arrested, which gas station got robbed, which employee got throw in jail for embezzlement....well, if that's all we hear, sooner or later, people here and outside of town will believe that.  

Well, I don't believe in that AT ALL.

Perfect?  Nope. Muskegon is not perfect.  We won't try and sugar coat that, but we will be looking for much more!  We'll be looking for stories that offer a solution instead of a dead end.  We want to talk to people that make a difference, large or small.  We want to cover sports, entertainment, life styles, news and neighborhoods.  We'll be offering programming options that are original.  We are working toward the capacity of doing live shows...right here online so no matter where people are, they will feel as connected to Muskegon and the new era that sure feels like it's getting ushered in right now.  We will work to show the good of this area, and those who want to continue on with the blight, bad news and decline....that's their show now.  The Muskegon Channel will stick to the idea you see right below that logo.  WE HAVE A NEW STORY TO TELL!  We're going to tell it.  

I want to share this thought too.  The Muskegon Channel will be seen worldwide!  I have personally thought that advertisers here in town deserve a little further reach and a better value for their ad dollars.  In time, we hope you consider this as a way to get the word out to other areas.  We're not limited to a transmitter, a cable channel or delivery route.  We are not going to rush to fill every section with stories because there is space, we're going to grow naturally and continue to build the story.  When the time is right, and the value is there....please consider us for your marketing needs.  

For those who love Positively Muskegon, don't fret!  We're going to keep right on highlighting people there.  We're not about to drop what got all of this started.  Positively Muskegon is the mindset that all we do here is based on, so please make good use of both pages.

With that, let me say welcome!  Welcome to the Muskegon Channel and thank you so very much for helping me share the good in our home town and giving me more opportunity than 10 men deserve in a life time!  Come Monday, it's show time!

Andy O