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Muskegon has long been a very proud hockey town!  We've seen everything in the workd of hockey going all the way back to the Muskegon Reds...Zephyrs....Mohawks....Lumberjacks...Fury...Lumberjacks again and now, the elite players in the USHL are here playing for their future and the hopes that one day, they will make it to the big show in the NHL.  We've had good years and bad.....we've had names and faces we'll never forget and we even hold the record for the most golas scored in minor pro hockey when Robin Bouchard dumped in goal number 683 on March 21st 2010.  A moment I was standing right there with Bouch for, and will never forget.

All of our hockey history has led to a failry large group of those who play hockey at pick up games, on leagues and in the schools.  With all those players, there will soon come a chance to get some of them together and play a game for a great cause.  Thus was born the Muskegon Guns and Hoses Charity Hockey Game.  It's a yearly tradition and the organizers have gone to great lengths all those years to not only put on a fun game pitting cops against firefighters, but to raise some serious money for very worthy local charity.

In 2017, they have a divers group of causes they are playing for. Chase Boucher, 7 year old Chase is a smart and funny kid. At the age of 4 he was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This disease is genetic and is a muscle wasting disease.  Erik Merrick, Erik was diagnosed with a disease called Adrenal Leuko Dystrophy at birth, he is now 9 years old. This disease is a defect on the X chromosome for boys.  Miranda Mock, Miranda is 16 years old and suffers from multiple severe impairments that leave her completely dependent on others for care.  Finally, The Old Newsies Good Fellows of Muskegon County.  As many are aware, the Old Newsies have stood on street corners for over 80 years, collecting money to provide area kids with toys at Christmas time. They are unable to collect money on the street because of a new Michigan legislature suggestion that was adopted.

I was able to catch up with Chris Wilks and Lacey Koens who have been a part of making this great event grow and the amount of money raised to help take care of some pretty remarkable causes over the years about this game and what you'll find if you head out to be a part of the fun.  Take a listen below.

A remarkable bunch of first responders who've taken their love for a little hockey when they can fit it in, and turned it into one of Muskegon's biggest events to help some pocal people out.  The job we ask of our police and fire is difficult, and it's upon us all to say thanks by heading out to the game.  They don't even set a price, they just ask for your donation at the door.  Click here to learn more about Muskegon Guns and Hoses.  See you at Lakeshore Sports Center on April 15th for the 6pm puck drop.