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A note from Andy O - I would very much like to welcome Gabrielle Butterfield to the team!  As I began The Muskegon Channel, it was always in the back of my mind to kind of continue the vibe of Positively Muskegon but to expand what we offer a little and grow the reach of interesting things happening in and around Muskegon. One of my main we grow....I am looking to people with NO background in media.  I want to make sure that as we build, we build together and we have the same basic common mindset. Gabrielle Butterfield had asked for a hand getting a blog off the ground, and I said, I'd be happy to, but have you seen this?  She took the chance to learn a little and grow here!  I am very pleased to say welcome to Gabrielle and I am equally proud to tell're seeing her very first step into The Muskegon Channel!  We're proud to welcome her!  Take it away Gabrielle!

 Have you been downtown lately and seen all of the little shops that are going in? There has been a lot of talk around town wondering what is going to happen with them, whether they are going to be tiny houses, summer shops or a place for random weekend vendors to rent out.

Well today I am going to be talking with Andrea who is the owner of Baby Bear Children's Boutique. This wonderful lady chose to rent out one of these amazing pop-up shops for her boutique here in Muskegon as a second location.

At Baby Bear Children's Boutique, (you can click on the name to find them on Facebook) you with find boys and girls sizes 0-7 and all the way up to 12 in girls. Andrea is going to focus on offering Made In Michigan (and even here in Muskegon if we're lucky) options for the Boutique here in Muskegon. She will also be carrying accessories for the little ladies in your life as well.

If you would like to listen in on our chat just click on the link. You will be able to get a sneak peek at some of the merchandise that you may see at the shop when you visit.
I don't know about you but I can't wait to bring in my little's to pick out some cool new duds!

It's a new day dawning in Muskegon!  More and more places are opening, old stuff is coming down and if you look around, new stuff is going up.  We have a new outlook on our community and we have exciting and fun things coming up!  Top that off with new people like Gabrielle wanting to take the leap and do something she's never done be a reporter.  The excitement is contagious... Gabrielle beat my very first broadcast by a long shot and I am pretty sure we'll be seeing more great things coming soon!!  If you'd like to know more about Baby Bear Boutique and the new pop up shop coming to Western Avenue Downtown Muskegon this on the image below!