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We've all got that "dream job" right?  Did you know?  There are plenty of places out there too looking for that "dream employee" and they will be on hand coming up May 3rd at the William Burrell Multiplex in Muskegon Heights and they are coming looking for you! 

The Thurgood Marshall job fair has been going on for quite a while now.  It's sponsored by local radio stations 103.7 The Beat and M106.  The Beat plays a great selection of urban and hip hop and M106 had the Motown Sound with Electronic Dance Music (EDM) on weekends.   Both stations are operated by Paul Billings here in town.  Great local stations who's primary focus is on making sure that they are engaged in the community.  The job fair is a way for them to match people with employers and it gives those employers a chance to meet and greet potential candidates in a setting that's not quite as formal as a job interview.  I'll tell you this though...this is a genuine opportunity.  This is employment opening it's doors and saying "we need ya".  If you are not among the motivated or you're not willing to put the effort in to make a difference for yourself or a potential boss...probably not the place for you.

If you are looking, it's pretty simple.  Get your resume around.  Make sure it's updated and you're ready to be part of the event early on May 3rd.  Come looking sharp and ready to network.  On hand, you'll find employers in manufacturing, health care, food service, governmental jobs, the automotive industry and more.  Job seekers do great in this kind of environment as it's not quite as pressing as a one on on interview, and employers like this kind of event as well because they are able to meet a lot of people in a short time and make mental notes as to who stood out during the course of the day.  This is an open door to anyone who's looking to better themselves or their family.

I had a chance to sit down with Paul and talk a little about the event and it's history.  Take a listen to our chat below!



This annual event has had immediate success in placing employers with candidates and some have been hired on the spot and got to work soon there after.  It's free to attend and open to anyone as a service to the are from 103.7 The Beat and M106.  If you've been out of the working world for a while, if you're looking to advance your career, or maybe you're just starting out.  This is opportunity knocking.  Put your best foot forward and be at the Thurgood Marshall Job Fair May 3rd!  If you land that job, the feeling of accomplishment alone will be worth the trip.