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Muskegon Metro Area

We're all about a good time in Muskegon.  We'll find a reason to have some fun no matter the season, the cause, the group or the idea.  We love get togethers on a grand scale not only for the amazing things they do for the economy and the area....but we love them too because part of the fun of having something cool like a motorcycle, hot rod or in this case a Jeep....we love to show them off, talk about them and gather with others who enjoy the same.


May 20th around the country is known to Jeep enthusiasts as "Go Topless Day".  Yes, it's time to pop the top on your Jeep and get to Muskegon where the Outback Wheelers Club will be gathering up their friends from around the state to show off our town and all of their Jeeps!  The party begins and ends at Fricano's on Muskegon Lake.  They will be gathering about 11 to get the line up together, then..a nice scenic ride all over the Lakeshore and then back to Fricano's for some great food, great music, activities for the kids and more time to brag up their Jeep.   Yes, you are witnessing the beginnings of a new event that has limitless potential to bring more people to town!  It all starts with grass roots events.  2017 toplessGo Topless Muskegon on Facebook


The Outback Wheelers are out to do a good turn too.  There is no admission to participate in the events, they will be collecting some donations for Shields of Hope to benefit first responders.  Last year, "Go Topless" was attended by 70+ Jeeps and fingers crossed for this year, they would like to hit 100 Jeeps or maybe even double their numbers.  People have been calling from Detroit, Lansing, Traverse City.... folks...we're going to get some Jeeps in town!  

The tour heads through North Muskegon, The State Park, Duck Lake Channel, Whitehall, Twin Lake...back to the Ovals, to the Silversides and then the party works it's way back to Fricano's!  A fun and beautiful ride to share with visitors

I met up with Mike Horton and Tianna Bennetts from the Outback Wheelers to talk about this great event and what they hope to do this year and on in to the future.  Take a listen to our talk!




 Love the fact that we're going to get a new tour coming to town...in fact, I love the fact that the Outback Wheelers are bringing people from all over the region to tour OUR TOWN.  Our natural beauty, our sense of a good time and the good people we have here to share with visitors!  If you've got a Jeep...come on out!  If you're looking for a great party and things for kids to do....you're invited!  If you're one of the members of The Outback Wheelers who see the promise and fun of having your event in Muskegon...very humbly, thank you!  We're glad you're coming and hope to see more of ya!