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The start to the beach season!  If you've been down by Pere Marquette recently, you'll see all the normal Spring signs.  There are plenty of home owners offering as much free sand as you like, The Deck is beginning to show some signs of life and people walking up to see if they are open yet.  You'll also see plenty of large machines to get the sand groomed, the streets swept up and our beautiful sugar sand beach open for people to enjoy from near and far.  It's such a treasure to Muskegon and one that's been seeing an uptick in activity for the last couple of years.


The ForeShore Adventure Run is just one of those events!  May 20th at Pere Marquette you'll see a little more than just all that sand.  You're going to see an obstacle course laid out over a 5k run.  It's a great event for personal success or a great way to do some team building with your group who'd like to get out and try something fun.  It's an event in it's third year and in as much fun as it is, it's also for a purpose.  It's a fundraiser disguised as a super cool event to help The Muskegon Rescue Mission. fore shore runRegister Here!! Use Promo Code ORILEY to get 25% Off Registration

The Muskegon Rescue Mission has been working in Muskegon for 110 years to help provide the basic needs people find themselves looking for from time to time.  They operate shelters for men and women and kids, they have meals, they have retail outlets to help provide for the community in more ways than one.  It's a legacy of caring and compassion that truly shows the best side of Muskegon helping those in need get back on their feet and make some pretty positive changes in their life to begin to be able to stand on their own.

As fundraisers go, not everything has to be a dinner and silent auction!  It's a pretty safe bet to try and lure some beach going adventurers out for a fun run.  I met up with Tim Lopez of the Muskegon Rescue Mission to learn a little more!  Take a listen to out chat below!






All that and a discount for registering early!  That's right, get signed up and use promo code ORILEY at check out and you'll get a 25% discount on your adventure run!  What a great way to showcase our beach, our town and our giving heart in Muskegon to assure that the Muskegon Rescue Mission can keep going for another 110 years if they are needed.  Make sure you spread the word about the run and the savings!  For more on the Muskegon Rescue Mission, click on their photo below.

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