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Nims Village is a volunteer initiative to enhance neighborhood development, resident success and economic opportunity.  That's the intro, and yes, it's certainly a mission statement.  Underneath all that, the idea is to bring together neighbors, community organizations and others to develop projects such as an Eco Village/ Community Center at the former Nims School site and other areas in the neighborhood like Heartshorn Marina, The Lakeshore Bike Trail and the Nims waterfront.  

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Ok...so I know that all of that sounds important, and it is...but when the rubber hits the road, what's actually going on?  The idea here is to reconnect people here with our most precious natural resource, water!  For an area that has so much shoreline, there are those who have no connection to it whatsoever.  The Nims Village is working to change that and if the excitement from Chris Byrnes isn't enough to get you thinking, maybe some of the things he's got started are.

The Nims Waterfront projects are designed to reconnect to our lakeshore environment with greater access and usability.  This includes some free small boat lessons,  instillation of small boat racks at Heartshorn and even free rentals to participating members who'd like to take a kayak out for a spin.  The Nims Grows project is out to provide locally grown nutritious food to neighbors to teach growing and connect neighbors.  Build Nims Day is a partnership with Habitat for Humanity, swimming lessons for kids from the Nims Neighborhood and more.  There is plenty of talk too about spreading this into other areas too!  

The common thread here, well, it's something I have been thinking for a while.  Reconnect.  In today's world, it's easier to know what some rap or movie star is up to than it is to know what's going on across town.  It's important that while every area in Muskegon has it's own unique personality, we're all in the same boat and we're all rowing it.  We need to connect better.  I met up with Chris at the Heartshorn Marina to talk a little about what's going on now, and what's to come.  Take a listen to our talk below!





Bringing Muskegon togehter.  Getting neighborhoods to know a little more about what's going on across the street and working together to make things happen.  There are those who make tireless efforts to improve the quality of life for all of us and set an example of a little less talk and a little more action.  Many thanks to Chris for his efforts with Nims.  We'll stay in touch with him to show the progress and we'll keep conncting people and places here in town the best we can.  It is called the Muskegon Channel after all, it's about Muskegon.  For more on the Nims Village, click on their phot below!

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