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Earlier this week on our sister website Positively Muskegon, we met Sophia Cerniglia who's just launched her new foundation called Breathing Becomes Effortless.  She's having a kick off party for that at the Bella Maria's Event Center on Sunday, but...there might be a person or two in town who's heading north to Baldwin for the 2017 Blessing of the Bikes....so...we want to make sure they have their chance to do their part for Cystic Fibrosis too!  You can run, but you can't hide!


The HOG Bash of 2017 is out to raise a few bucks for the fight against CF.  Now you're thinking, "What's the HOG Bash?"  Well, it's a rustic camping experience a quarter mile off 37 and only 11 miles form the Baldwin Airport where the blessing takes place!  There's plenty of live music, you'll find auctions, biker games, auctions...there's a big old pig roast.  This is an adults only experience, so it's best to maybe take the kids to grandma's house if you are heading up. hb flyerFind the 2017 HOG Bash on Facebook


While it might be a bit of a wild party from time to time, the cause is very real and the people behind it work tirelessly to help benefit charities throughout the year with different events.  The HOG Bash, The Hillbilly River Poker Run and more.  I have said it before and I'll say it again.  Underneath all that leather, and heavy beards...bikers are some of the most kind and giving people that you'll ever come across.  We have a very strong and very active motorcycle community in Muskegon and what better place to show it all off than at one of the biggest biker events in the Mid-West The Blessing of the Bikes.

I was able to catch up with Delaina Peters and Victor Olivieri with just a couple days to go before the fun starts up in Baldwin.  Take a listen to our talk below!









 Loud and fun to be expected this weeked up in Baldwin.  Think about this too.  This makes 45 years of the Blessing of the Bikes!  What started out as some motorcyle guys needing a little fellowship and a quick blessing on their ride...has turned into a GIGANTIC attraction that brings in bikers from all over the Midwest.  It's also grown big enough to support secondary events like this where thousands can be raised by good people who want to make a difference!  For more information, click on the HOG Bash Logo below to visit their website.

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