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Sing along!!  Catch us if you caaannnnn....oooh..catch us if you caaaannnnn..... What?  Oh fine....sure it wasn't the best rendition of the old Dave Clark 5 song, but hey...I gave it a shot right?  None the less, it's a song that's been associated with running for quite some time, in fact if you are from around here, it's all you heard for a while when running craze got underway.  Guess what, from the early days till now...running has become somewhat of it's own travel industry and in Muskegon, we're gearing up for the Mercy Health Seaway Run which has been going on over three decades now! 

 2017 will see some new improvements and fun features to accompany the actual run.  Let's start off with a new location.  Years gone by, everything kicked off and wrapped up down by the YMCA, that area has since been torn up and grass planted to make the lot a little more appealing for a potential buyer.  So...where do we move it?  RIGHT DOWNTOWN Muskegon thank you!  It will all kick off with a free Healthy Lifestyle Expo at the LC Walker Arena June 23rd from 11a-7p.  If you're running, pick up your packet and stroll through the exhibits.  If you're not running, take advantage of a free expo that can show you a few things about building your health up!  Why wouldn't you go to that?  Race day, you can pick from The Seaway 5k walk or run, The Seaway 15k or the Lake Michigan Half Marathon!  There will even be a nice community walk if you're not among the running crowd.  After it's all said and done, you might want to grab a cold one in the beverage tent.  We don't mind capping off any day in Muskegon with a beer, and after you burn all those calories and could probably use one!

I met up with Chris Burnaw and the brand spakin new race director Andrew Buikema at the start/finish line Downtown Muskegon to talk about the event, some of this years imporviements, what we can expect race weekend and what kind of impact an event of this magnitude has on Muskegon and our economy.  Take a listen to our talk below!

Thousands will be part of this awesome event and they are coming from near and far to enjoy a run, some beautiful scenery and the hospitality that only Muskegon can provide!  Sound like something you'd like to be part of? Muskegon is making giant strides and an event of this magnitude and endurance is yet another piece of the puzzle!  If nothing else, head down and cheer on the runners!