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If you are a history buff, a "tin can tourist" was at one point a transient person or family that would hitch the "tin can" to the car and head where the work was.  A village would pop up until the time the work was done and then, they'd fold up the outdoor rug and head to the next spot.  It was the reality for many, and as time and work situations have settled over the years the camps of yesteryear have given way to modern day RV parks that can accommodate million dollar motor coaches that come equipped with room to store your golf cart so you can get around the resort.  I mean, let's be's 2017... you really should have a golf cart to run up to the camp store for a bag of ice and some fresh towels for the pool right?  After your can head back to the theater quality comfort and sound of the RV and start a fire in your gas log fireplace.

 Or.....You could do like the Tin Can Tourists do now a days.  You can find an older camper or trailer and get it restored into, or close to the condition it was in. can enjoy the company of others who also enjoy the camping experience with a bit of a retro twist and a flair for nostalgia.  I think back to the earliest memories I can muster, and it was a pick up truck camper my grandma and grandpa had, they had a parking spot in a corner of a field just outside Mecosta.  There was a hand pump for water, an outhouse and a "mush pot" in case you had to go at night.  We played in the field, used to beg to go to School Section Lake for a swim, drank their crappy unsweetened orange juice and the real thrill of it all... we got a grapefruit for breakfast....with sugar sprinkled on the top.  Grandma always cut the little sections up so it was easy to dig out and we got to use the cool little grapefruit spoons.

Camping is about meeting people. It's about sharing stories, fires, maybe a beer if you choose...and what better way to do that than in a living memory like what you'll see this weekend!  The Tin Can Tourists will be at Hoffmaster Park this weekend.  They are coming from all over the Midwest and Michigan to enjoy the scenic beauty and comfortable shores of Lake Michigan.  Saturday, if you'd are welcome to see what it's all about by heading to the state'll need the rec pass, but after that, stroll the park and enjoy the sites.  Some campers may even be willing to let you have a peek inside so maybe you too can enjoy a memories from the "good old days".  

Brandon Morrison invited me out for a quick preview of what to expect this weekend if you're coming to camp or, maybe you just want to see the TLC the TCT put into their passion...take a listen to our chat below.

Cool huh?  What an awesome thing to have coming to Muskegon and my hope of hopes is... it grows!  Take some time out on Saturday to head to Hoffmaster to see the sites.  While you're there.  Thank people for coming ot Muskegon.  Let them see first hand that we're thankful as a community they came.  Suggest your favorite place for a burger and beer or maybe your favorite breakfast spot.  We have so very much to offer a traveller...let's keep them coming back.  If you'd like to know a little more about the Tin Can Tourists, click here.