Tue, Oct

Muskegon's Smart Commute Week - Corey Davis Reports

Muskegon Metro Area News

Do you remember Bike to Work Week? Are you wondering why you didn’t hear anything about it this year? Well, it has evolved into Smart Commute to Work Week and encompasses all forms of transportation including; walking, running, ride sharing, and utilizing public transportation via the MATS bus. 

This is the first year for Smart Commute to Work Week and it has seen a healthy interest from those in Muskegon County. Some of the organizers joined the Muskegon Channel to discuss the week long initiative, the really cool events and incentives, and how people can adopt the Smart Commute to Work Week concepts all year long.

Tom Lindrup and Scott Blease met me at the Muskegon Farmers Market to talk about the week long event, take a listen to our talk below.

It's a new day in Muskegon.  Get out and enjoy it.  Oil up that bike chain.  Buddy up for a ride to work, try MATS.  Take just a littl bit away from your carbon foot print and add a little bit back to your over all good health.  You'll be glad you did!