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What is your favorite candy from childhood? I would have to say mine would be butterscotch lifesaver or root beer barrels. I love to be able to get a piece and have it bring me back to my childhood days. If you are anything like me you may have developed quite a sweet tooth as the years go on. That is where the Lakeside Emporium comes into play, It's My “Willy Wonka Candy Factory”. 

LakesideEmp2Lakeside Emporium Online

The Lakeside Emporium has everything you're looking for from that nostalgic treat to delectable chocolates, gummies and oh so much more. The Lakeside Emporium is having their 14th annual LEAP (Lakeside Emporium Anniversary Party) on June 17th.

This awesome event starts at 9:30 a.m. and runs till 4 p.m. on Saturday. Just like years past the Lakeside Emporium is bringing us some amazing activities to fill the day. Gary's Grill N Smoke will be cooking on site, there will be tons of children's activities including face painting by Jen. Don't forget to stop at the MI Photo Booth to strike a pose. You will also be able to have a chance to win a prize every half hour.

Both young and old will love this event where there will be something for everybody. If you have never been I definitely recommend you going to try it out even if you don't go all day. Check out the video that was taken of my conversation with the owner of the Lakeside Emporium. Join us as we talked about this amazing event to get a better insight on all the fun that is about to happen.

Make sure you head down to Lakeside for a great time at the LEAP party!  The Samples are truly a great couple who show the best side of Muskegon to all who visit thier store.  It's an authentic old time feel and a level of service not often found anymore.