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Muskegon Metro Area

Like most anyone, I have had to roll with the punches when it comes to my working life.  I started off in radio, and would have been very content in doing just that for a few hours a day, along with helping find ways to help others out with the proper use of it.  Creativity, inspiration, drive, passion and yes, a few minutes in the spotlight all played into the career I built and was taught by so many good and truly talented people.  It's evolved some, and the internet is the main platform now, and I can't hide behind the microphone anymore....sorry....I wish the host of this show was better looking, but at the end of the day, way deep down I am still a radio geek.  I scan the AM dial in the night...I have a CB I take on out of state trips...I long for the days when that companion voice was there to keep you company.


Now, let's change the conversation a little.  Today, it's all online.  We get our music, info, entertainment all from a stream for the most part and in as much as the choices are vast, there are still some things to consider when it comes to the web.  What if the internet crashes?  What if there is false information?  What if the power is out?  What if what it what if???  There is still a whole lot of "wild west" when it comes to the internet.  Luckily, in Muskegon, we have a group of dedicated radio operators that can handle information in any emergency situation, and they would like to meet you. mkg am radioMuskegon Amateur Radio Council On Facebook

The Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council is a group of radio operators who communicate with others across the area, the state, nation and world on different bands of radio called short wave.  We're used to AM and FM for the most part, but the radio frequency spectrum is wide...and it's always getting wider....wait....radio geek coming out....I'll slow down some.  To simplify, they operate 2 way communications and have been since long before cell phones came along.  The are weather spotters, they are emergency contacts, disaster reporters and they operate radio for reasons far more important than getting back stage passes to all the concerts.  

Amateur radio is something I have always wanted to get in to.  I am sincerely going to someday.  But for now, there are people like Ron Minzey here in town who handle the job and are not only dedicated to the passion of radio operation, but the safety of all of us with their love of the craft.  The Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council will be hosting their annual field day June 24th-25th at Margret Drake Elliot Park down by the Muskegon Channel and you're invited to come an meet them and learn a little more about thier endeavors.  Take a listen to our chat below.






As my career has gone....it's always remained rooted in the fascination of that voice coming out of that little speaker.  Sure, some times the speakers were huge and sometimes, they fit right in your ear...but the ability to be that voice....you never lose the need for it once you have the bug.  If fact, today most of the things you hear from me are written, but they are written in the hopes that you hear me speaking in the tone you are used to.  I hope to be among the Muskegon Amateur Radio Operators some day soon.  I hope too that you appreciate them for the work they do and the safety they provide all of us.  Stop down and see them near the channel this weekend, and rest well knowing they are tuned in for you. 

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