Tue, Oct

Dalton Townships New Fire Training Apparatus - Saving Our Own

Muskegon Metro Area News

A couple of weeks ago, we visited the Dalton Township Fire Department to talk about a much needed millage vote coming up and while we were there, they gave me a sneak peek at a new apparatus they were just about to complete for training of fire fighters in a number of scenarios.  As promised, we headed back for the dedication of the structure as well as a demonstration of some of the techniques they will practice on this device. 

Inspired by the loss of two fire fighters, sadly this is how most innovation happens, what now stands in Dalton Township will be open to for departments all over the area to work with.  In fact, they are already getting requests from fire departments state wide for the blueprints for the Saving Our Own prop.  Imagine that? Dalton Township is taking the lead state wide in innovation and protection of our first responders. 

It took some work to get this done.  There were plenty of donations as well as volunteer hours spent to build the structure and of course some planning and consideration to be done by the Dalton Township board, but in the end it all came together to provide a much needed way to add some training options for our local fire departments.  On top, the floor has a removable panel to simulate a second floor collapse.  It also has a window for fire fighters to practice rescuing people from a structure on a ladder.  You'll see it in practice in the video.  The lower level, you'll find a very narrow couple of hallway simulations as well as a breach wall where fire fighters practice going right through the wall.  Did you ever imagine that they would have to not only punch their way through the wall, but also avoid getting tangled up in all the wires hidden in the wall?  Crazy and remarkably dangerous.  

Fire Chief Alan Styles was my guest this time to talk about the structure in more detail  Take a listen to our talk about this really cool "prop" as he calls it.

As mentioned a week or so ago, we focus an awful lot on the immediate Muskegon area, but Fruitport to Montague is what "Muskegon" is to us.  We're proud to help showcase the great things in all of our communities and the Dalton Township FD is really doing what they can to not only improve their department, but offer others the chance too.  Their outreach continues to area schools grows, their commitment to protecting the area residents is resolute and their excitement and pride over the Saving Our Own Devise is contagious.  Our thanks to the Dalton Township FD for letting us debut this awesome tool!!