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We're honored to welcome The Muskegon Polish Festival to the Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon as a sponsor.  We like to celebrate all of our new partners with a welcome honestly as our work is a reflection of the work of so many others here in town who make things happen.  The Muskegon Polish Festival Happened for the first time last year and boy, did it ever happen.  Almost too much happening....but let's take a step back a second. 

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First off, you may or may not know this, but Muskegon is truly a hot spot for polka music.  Tom Sanocki has kept his Polka Melodies show going for 21 years now on the radio and trust me when I tell you this, his audience is fiercely loyal.  You may remember, I have some previous experience in the field and know what it's like to have an audience like his.  His fans drop everything when the show comes on and that's what's going to be the entertainment.  Second, we've got some great Polish halls.  Never been to an area hall?  Cheap drinks, friendly people, affordable rental space and a comfortable atmosphere.  Hard to top.  Finally, Muskegon is all about festivals...right about now...you should be starting to see why the first Muskegon Polish Festival was such a hit.  A perfect storm was brewing for a party.  7000 people showed up.  :)

Year two, well they have had a chance to plan a little better, add a few things and get ready to go on Labor Day weekend.  It kicks off with a lunch time free admission.  Yes, head to Hackley Park for a great lunch with a Polish flare and you'll get a wrist band good to get you back in for later that night.  They have polka bands lined up to go all day, they have food, imported Polish beer, kielbasa, kapusta...(do keep in mind...a good part of my youth was spent on the west side of Grand Rapids...I am slobbering all over the keyboard).  That's day 1.

Tom Sanocki joined me at the corner of 4th and Western to talk about the event a little and we'll continue to keep you updated as it draws near.  We're excited and honored to be a part of the fun and to watch yet another new, fun festival get off the ground is a great thing for all of Muskegon.  Take a listen.

Here we go!  Mark the calendar for Labor Day weekend and make sure you stop in to Hackley Park to roll out the barrel!  It's a dream come true to watch so many things continue to grow here and more over, it's amazing to watch how an idea can explode like it did last year with the Polish Festival.  To me, it tells me that Muskegon's rebound is strong and true. It tells me too that our belief in ourselves is getting stronger every day and our sustainability...it's growing!  If you'd like to know more about the Muskegon Polish Festival, click on their image below.

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