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Earlier this Spring, Positively Muskegon visited Dan Gentz as Great Lakes Fresh Market was just taking hold in Muskegon in the former Plumbs locations.  We spent a little time getting to know Dan and learning his philosophy about being a local grocer in a world of giants, and so far, from the looks of things, Great Lakes Fresh Markets have been doing a pretty good job holding their own while keeping an eye on what the area needs and wants when it comes to quality, affordability and customer service.  

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On our first visit, the future of the Norton Shores location was still up in the air.  The new company wasn't sure if they were going to re-open the old store at 1663 W. Sherman and the comments from readers of the Positively Muskegon Blog were all hopeful that they would someday return.  Well, the news broke today that in fact Great Lakes Fresh Market would be re-opening the store on Sherman and in time, their offices would be moving there too from their current location at the Colby Road location in Whitehall.   

I owed Dan Gentz another visit anyway to see how things were settling in for him here in Muskegon and like anyone else, he and his family are loving it.  The sunsets, the people, the community and the opportunities are all amazing.  They have found a great way to give back by partnering with Kids Food Basket and you'll begin seeing them more and more in the community in a number of ways in the days to come.  Dan and I sat down for a quick talk, hear from him directly about the timeline for the Sherman store and believe it or not...what's being thought of even past that..I promise you this, there is no moss growing under the feet of The Gentz family or Great Lakes Fresh Market...take a listen.




EVEN HIS PARENTS are moving here!  Ladies and gents.....can you say boom town?  I love it!  We'll continue to follow the success and growth of Great Lakes Fresh Market here in Muskegon.  To be honest, to know that we're not the only one's that don't mind taking on the "big guys" when it comes to local stuff...kind of makes us feel pretty good.  Work will be getting underway at the Sherman location soon and if all goes to plan, by November you'll see a great shopping option in Norton Shores run by a local family with your friends and neighbors working there to make your shopping experience that comfortable neighborhood feeling you love.  To visit Great Lakes Fresh Market online click on the photo below.