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We're always happy to hear about a new spot in town.  It's also nice to see something pop up on Main Street in Muskegon Heights and see that growth is not exclusive to one neighborhood or another here in town.  Mayor Kim Simms declared "The New Normal" a year or so ago and part of that includes making the effort to revitalize the Broadway Avenue portion of Muskegon Heights.  The Muskegon Heights Farmers Market is a great attraction, Read Muskegon has recently moved their center to the block, Rowan Park is home to movies in the park and what was promised is becoming reality.  

I got a message from Eve Zwolinski not long ago asking me if I had heard of the shop and what they did, which I hadn't and since it's been a bit since we've ventured into the Heights for a story, I headed down to see what's going on.  Located at 46 E. Broadway this unique boutique shop offers hand made gifts, custom one of a kind jewelry they carry the Eve's Organic Essentials line of products and they also offer an aray of classes on lots of skills that might be getting lost in the shuffle of modern life.   Crochet, sewing, painting are all valuable skills and at risk of being lost to video games, snap chats twitters and more.  They teach all of them in the back.

One thing they didn't get into in the video.. the compassion offered.  They have things like a prayer bear, they have a small ministry, they have a wish jar.... they have a gentle approach to togetherness and healing and they strive to bring settlement to peoples minds.  It's a slice of small town America right in the "inner city" which in reality, is just that...small town America.

Take a listen to our talk below!

It's a new day dawning, all over the area.  What a pleasure to see a one of a kind shop, with locally made items putting down roots in a once "forgotten" area.  Take a few minutes out and stop in.  Better yet, if you'd like to learn some of the skills they teach or possibliy consign some items you make, talk to the gals at Sisters Gifts and More and help be part of the revitalization of Downtown Muskegon Heights!  All of our neighborhoods are better off in good health.