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The Boys and Girls Club of Muskegon Gets Read to Go Back to School

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It's been a busy summer at the Boys and Girls Club of the Muskegon Lakeshore.  Lot's or programs have been implemented, lot's of kids are being impacted by the work that countless volunteers from our community and around the country have all been pitching in on and better futures are in store for these kids as well as Muskegon. 

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It's been a summer of recreation, education, experiences and understanding.  We should throw in some life skills, sports, health, arts, character and leadership skills.  All foundations of what the Boys and Girls Club is all about.  Some have even called it... The Best Summer Ever.  But, it is back to school time and like any grand summer, it's got to come to an end and as the kids prepare to head back to the books the Boys and Girls Club of the Muskegon Lakeshore didn't want it to go out without a bang.

Friday August 18th the kids were treated to a bass like no other.  Burgers and dogs prepared by Chef Jack Page who also took the summer to make sure daily lunch was prepared for the kids, there were dunk tanks, arts and crafts, back to school kits field activities and a host of partner agencies on hand that help the Boys and Girls Club out on a number of different levels.  As I was setting up to tape the story, the grill was just getting going, the kids were gathering and beginning to get rowdy and the party was just about to kick off!

I grabbed Molly Kristofferson and Brian Rivera just as it was about to pop for a quick chat... take a listen. 

It's a quick switch over into after school mode from the summer programs into the after school mode and what a way to go out of the summer of 2017.  Our thanks to the Boys and Girls for their tireless work and building the futures of our young people to be brighter and better tomorrow.  


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