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Fall is in the air and the Salvation Army of Muskegon is ramping up for the holiday season which includes the annual Turkey Run on Thanksgiving and of course, you'll be hearing the bells soon outside your favorite retail spots.  The work never ends for the Salvation Army but I'd be willing to bet that you might not know that the Salvation Army has a very special group within the ranks called the Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary.  

The women are the boots on the ground when it's time for the Salvation Army to get to work on things like the Turkey Run, Christmas gift distribution at the holidays.  They help contribute life skills, aid in humanitarian endeavors and build community relationships.  In the past, they have relied on things like rummage sales...featuring all kinds of items along with baked goods, hand made crafts, artisan items that are made by home based entrepreneurs and maybe some one off things donated by area companies that they just couldn't find a place for.  This year, they have taken a new twist to the fundraising event however... they are hosting an expo of all women owned, home based business and giving them an opportunity to show off what they make or sell.

September 23rd, you'll find over 20 booths, all owned and operated by women who'd like you to stop in and see what they offer.  Everything from self defense to high fashion, you can even find some Tupperware if you're in the market...and plenty more.  The expo is being held in the gymnasium at the Salvation Army's  location on Shonat in Muskegon.  Here's another thought... just because this is an all women owned business expo....doesn't mean men can't go shop there.  The do have a Tastefully Simple representative spot there, so if you're a guy and you're sick of eating Budget Gourmet and frozen'll want to stop.

Robin Henshaw is with the Salvation Army and is much better at hiding behind the camera, but this time I lured her in front of it to talk about this years event, get the details here!

A great day with a little girl power behind it, for a fantastic cause.  Make sure you stip in for a few and support the business owners as well as the work the Women's Auxillary of the Salvation Army of Muskegon does to help so many over the course of the year here in town. Click here to learn more about the Salvation Army of Muskegon.