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For me, it's hard to imagine that 38 years ago was 1980.  Yes... I was 10 and that's about the time that things start popping into memory for me.  When I was 21 and a camp counselor, the kids told me that they were born in 1980 and I just about fell off my chair because I had to face the fact that I remembered vividly what the world was they were born into.  1980 was also the first year that Muskegon jumped on board with the CROP walk to help end hunger and it's gone on ever since. 

This year, the CROP Walk will be held October 1st and it kicks off at the Central United Methodist Church on Second Street in Downtown Muskegon.  Over the 38 years, Muskegon has raised over a million dollars to help beat out hunger both at home and on a global level.  Imagine the money raised here in our little corner of the world spreading out to over 40 countries all over the planet....all doing something for someone who will most likely never have the chance to pay us back, but..that's beside the point.  The point is, that we're a good and giving community and our outreach doesn't need payback.  That's not to say that a good portion of the proceeds don't go to work right here at home too, there are 4 local beneficiaries as well as some of the money going to help victims of this years hurricanes and the subsequent flooding that has occurred.  It's a pretty remarkable way for you to have an impact without a ton of effort.   

Dianna Wright Stubbs is the Executive Director of Mission for Area People, they are one of the local beneficiaries of the CROP Walk in Muskegon this year.  I was at MAP filming a story with her about the 50th anniversary they are celebrating and we figured we'd get in a talk about the CROP Walk too, take a listen.



38 years...they must be doing something right!  Get yourself in on the action and get your sneakers shined up and ready for the walk October 1st.  It's a great way to raise a few bucks and a great way to know your time and dedication went a little further.  If you'd like to know more, go to the CROP Walk page and learn more about the Muskegon CROP walk.