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It was a grand affair.  The Muskegon Channel was invited to broadcast live at the Frauenthal Center on Wednesday September 20th for their season premiere open house.  Hundreds from Muskegon and beyond were in attendance as some of the upcoming shows and presentations were on hand to talk about their upcoming events and all were invited to drop in on the live broadcast to join Andy O to talk about their show. 

We had guests on to talk about everything from Shakespeare to the Symphony and spiritual services to historic presentations.  I can tell you's going to be a season FULL of things to do and see at the Frauenthal Center.  We'll let the video do the talking on this one, and hey... if you were one of the guests, all means, share this article and let it help spread the word about what you've got coming up at Muskegon's historic theater!  

Our Many thanks to the staff of the Frauenthal Center for having us out to talk about the upcoming season and if anything in the video sounded like something you'd be interested in,  head to the Frauenthal's site and learn a little more !