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Time for some girl power!  And acoustic music and art, and poetry and more.  It's a day long festival designed to celebrate and empower "femms" from the Lakeshore area and give them a chance to showcase their art and everyone else a chance to see and hear what they are doing.  

It all got underway last year in Grand Haven and went well enough to bring year two about with a change to Muskegon for location and the addition of more than one venue for the event.  This year, things get underway at 2p on Saturday September 30th at Jackson Hill and carry on through out the evening to the Pigeon Hill Brewing Company and then to Unruly Brewing in Downtown Muskegon.  This event is free for people to attend, but there will be donations accepted and the proceeds will go to help Planned Parenthood.   

What will you see?  Well, there will be lots of performances! 18 of them if my count is correct and they will vary in their artistic styling's, so if one's not quite your cup of tea...stick around for the next, they might be right up your alley.  They also have a pretty defined statement, from their Facebook page - "We believe that the voices of women need to be heard, empowered, and connected. Ladyfest at the Lakeshore is our way of creating this catalyst in our very own community."  Strength in words!  

The schedule is as follows: 

Venue: Jackson House

2:00 PM - Opening words / PP & Committee
2:30 PM - Maggie May (Olivia Tatreau) 
3:00 PM - Brianne Ross 
3:30 PM - Molly Schaub
4:00 PM - Sand

Venue: Pigeon Hill Brewing Company
500 W Western Ave, Muskegon, MI 49440

5:00 PM - Doors Open
5:30 PM - Maddie Jackson
6:00 PM - Lady Ace Boogie 
6:30 PM - Speaker from PP 
6:40 PM - Ana Elle
7:20 PM - Jessica in The Rainbow
8:00 PM - Libby DeCamp
8:45 PM - Speaker from PP

Venue: Unruly Brewing
360 W Western Ave, Muskegon, MI 49440

9:00 PM - Doors Open
9:30 PM - Leah Kristene
10:00 PM - reggie
10:40 PM - Van Lente
11:20 PM - Bermudas

I was able to catch a few minutes with Leah Kristene at the Coffee Factory in Muskegon to talk about this event, the inspiration behind it and some of what you can expect to see this Saturday if you attend.  I can tell you this too, she's a spark.  It's awesome to have some one with so much passion behind her cause come on to talk about a fledgling event that has the potential to grow and has found the right place to grow in... Muskegon!  Take a listen to our chat below.

Many thanks to Leah for finding a few minutes in the final week of preparations before the festival to talk with us.  We're big on the idea of finding ways to help great festivals and organizations put down roots in Muskegon and given them a place to flourish.  After all, we work to be inclusive...everyone's contributions add up to make Muskegon a town that is heading in the right direction and able to attract more in the future.  Saturday... stop out to any of the locations listed above and enjoy some great music and more at Ladyfest on the Lakeshore!