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This is a little new for the Muskegon Channel, I am here sharing some information and some opinion with you as I have seen a LOT of social media commentary that is very negative about the proposed millage that will be on the ballot coming up this November about the Youth Family and Community.  I was invited down to a meeting held by former Sheriff Bob Carter with a panel of people to speak on the millage and what it's really requesting.  

For me, the key as in this is about our young people who get into trouble.  Currently, they are sent out of state to take corrective measures and while they are often taken care of for the short term, upon their return home, they come back to the same environment they left and become repeat and even more troublesome offenders.  It's a vicious cycle and one that needs to be taken care of here within our own community.  If we have the ability to not only help the offender, but to help the family so that when the time is served, we can truly begin to fix the issues we face.  If we can't get to the root of the problem, we'll continue to repeat what isn't working, expecting different results.  

I know it seems like a lot to ask.  I know too that there are those out there who'd like you to think that this is some kind of diversion for the jail to get paid for.  It's not.  The jail will have to be paid for one way or another should this millage pass or not.  I am asking that you listen to this panel of speakers with an open mind and consider what this can do for our kids....and our community

I encourage you to learn more.  I encourage you to get out and vote.  If your house is worth $100k it will cost you $6.25 per month.  I know from personal experience, that when life changes drastically, returning to what was is a wide open door to repeat behavior.  We need to focus on making sure that when we take the time and resources to invest in a young person to correct something that it's a change that will last a lifetime and that they can in turn be the provider of that kind of guidance for future generations here in Muskegon.  Visit their website for more information.