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City of the Dead - Muskegon's History Told From Beyond the Grave

Muskegon Metro Area News

It's getting to be that time of year again, people are in the mood for a little spooky fun and with the crisp Fall air and the leaves rustling about the haunted attractions are all ramping up for your attention.  How about adding a little more history and a little less haunt to the journey this year?  Not to say that you should skip the super scary destinations, but add in a visit to something very unique and a great way to get in touch with a little more of Muskegon that what you can pick up by reading a brochure.

City of the Dead Muskegon is back for it's 8th annual performance and it's a family friendly way for you to learn a little more about the people who've made our town what it is today.  From those who were captains of industry to those who barely have a record of their lives here in town, the Evergreen Cemetery is where you'll find the characters of our past "coming to life" next to their grave sites to tell the tale of their life and times here in Muskegon.  What life was like for them in their time here, how they impacted this community and what their contributions added to our lives today.  

The roles have been carefully researched and the actors portrayals are done with excitement and enthusiasm for our history and the people who made it.  You'll find some facts, you'll find some intrigue...you'll know more about names like Hackley, Hume, Walker and Lee.  You'll see true to time period costumes and you won't find anyone jumping out of the bushes to startle you. 

This years event will be held October 14th beginning at 5p and 15th  beginning at 2.  It's a $5 admission and kids under 6 are free.  Do plan to dress warm and there could be a line as the guided tour wants to assure everyone gets a chance to hear and see the information at every stop.

I had a chance to catch up with some of the cast members.  Carolyn Holmes is Maggie Frasier who was laid to rest in "Potters Field", Tim Hamlin who makes his return as Captain Jonathan Walker who freed slaves and, Jackie Engel who plays Kitty Lee who's got quite a story of her own while her husband was out sailing the Great Lakes.  Take a listen to our chat for more!

Take a chance to learn a little more about where you're from.  We are so much more than here and now.  What we have today is great, but the storied history if Muskegon is one of our greatest treasures and as we move forward, knowing where we came from is essential.  Take your family out to Muskegon City of the Dead not only to support a great cause, but to enrich their life with some knowledge as to where we came from.  It's an event you won't regret attending and you'll walk away a little wiser from for being there.  Click here to visit the Muskegon City of the Dead website .