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Tempting Tables in Muskegon October 19th-21st to Help Fund Breast Cancer Research

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It's something that touches everyone sooner or later, cancer of some form or another.  Commonly it seems that it's breast cancer and it's one of those scourges we all wish there was an answer for but yet it eludes us.  We hear the reminders.  We see the TV talk shows on the subject.  We see the magazine ads, the posters on the wall in the doctors office....the list goes on and on.  The problem isn't going away and quite often, people just throw their hands up in the air and say "what are we going to do".  Then, you have the other side of the story, those who have seen everything we all have, some who have been touched personally and said "it's time to do something".  Well, that group of "do-er's" has been at it here in Muskegon since 1996.  

Originally started in the Torrent House, Tempting Tables is an artistic and exquisite display of elaborate table settings that is put on bi-annually by a group of over 300 volunteers in Muskegon.  Every table has a theme and if you are a fan of fine art, maybe Art Prize suits your fancy, or maybe you'd just like to stroll thru the gallery of artistic designs and know that your donation will go to fund breast cancer research... 100% of it.....well, this is an event you just can't miss.

There are a few different ways you can be a part of this great event.  There is the Patron Celebration on October 18th from 3p-7p.   You'll be one of the first to see the dazzling display and your admission will also get you in for the rest of the weekend as well.  You can also enjoy the gallery from 10a-7p Thursday October 19th and Friday October 20th and from 10a-6p on Saturday October 21st. 

This is a very grass roots effort.  Everyone involved not only lends their skills and talents to the show, they also contribute financially as a show of solidarity to the mission to help fund the research that the proceeds go to, and over the 21 years this event has been going on, those proceeds have totaled over half a million dollars.  It's a big contribution from a group of very determined people. 

Marlene Delong joined me at the Holiday Inn Downtown Muskegon to talk about this event, which she has been a part of since day one, take a listen to our chat below. 

If you want to be a part of the grand affair on Wednesday night, or you'd like to just stroll the scene and see what kind of beautiful inspirations have come around this year to help fund the research being done, please, be a part of Tempting Tables.  This is one of the truly unique events that makes Muskegon so special and the people who put it on take nothing from it other than the satisfaction of knowing that they did something great for someone who they might never get to meet. Visit http://www.temptingtables.org/ for more information.  My many thanks to Marlene and her 300 plus who help put this great event on!

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