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We're in a very exciting time for change in Muskegon.  Things are coming quick and it's a lot more than just a lot of talk around town.  The evidence is everywhere, and the proof is in the cranes in the sky, the hammers being swung and the overall mindset of Muskegon people who are just sick of the status quo.  I have said on more than one occasion that Muskegon is about to boom, some have argued it already is but my gut tells me it's just the beginning.

One thing that's going to be a HUGE change for Muskegon, is out lake front.  I the past, we've relied on the lake front for industry.  Places like Sappi, Consumers Energy and other industrial giants held the property and while the lake front was practical use and kept a lot of people employed, it sure didn't leave much use for our beloved Muskegon Lake in areas.  Well, as those business have moved on, and they are being taken over by Windward Pointe (the former Sappi site) and the other areas on the lake, it's time for some public discussion and input on what the future will look like.

Monday, October 30th, you're invited to stop into the GVSU Annis Water Resource Institute at 740 W. Shoreline Drive and take a look at what's planned and offer your thoughts on what might be valuable to add.  What amenities are needed?  What would make good great?  What can the city do to make the water more connected to our Downtown area and other areas in and around Muskegon and the Lakeshore?  What's great about this?  It's a drop in.  Meaning from 10a-6p you can stop in at your convenience and have a look at what's planned and offer your thoughts.  It's also an unprecedented opportunity for a community to offer input on what they would like to see in the future. 

I had a chance to meet Mike Franzak who is the City Planner for Muskegon to talk a little about his work and this chance for community input coming up Monday.  Take a listen to our chat below and get the 4-1-1 on what's going on.

 Well, I couldn't get him to crack on any upcoming surprises, but it's good to know that I am not the only one here who things that Muskegon is evolving at a break neck pace.  It's truly an exciting time to be in Muskegon.  Watch Us Go could easily be switched to Watch Us GROW and I for one am very proud of the efforts put in by so many who refuse to give up and continue to believe!  We have much to be proud of here, so stop in Monday and be heard!  Add to the solutions and take ownership of our great community.  You'll be glad you did.