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I Never Saw Another Butterfly at the Overbrook Theater at Muskegon Community College November 4th

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If you're not familiar with the topic, let me tell you this....if we forget history, we're doomed to repeat it. 

With that being said, I Never Saw Another Butterfly is a collection of poetry and are of young Jewish children who were held at the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp in World War 2.  The title comes from a poem by a boy named Pavel Friedman who was incarcerated there and later, killed at Auschwitz.  Most of the contributors of the book were killed before the camp was liberated.


A quote from Wikipedia - "During World War II the Gestapo used Terezin, better known by the German name Theresienstadt, as a ghetto. The majority of the Jews sent were scholars, professionals, artists and musicians. Inmates were encouraged to lead creative lives, and concerts were even held. Within the camp, parks, grassy areas and flower beds, concert venues and statues were installed to hide the truth; that most of the inmates were going to be killed. This was all part of a Nazi plot to deceive International Red Cross inspectors into believing that Jews were being treated humanely."   I Never Saw Another Butterfly on Facebook

The play centers around "Raja" who is a survivor of the concentration camp, her family and four classmates and centers around life in the camp while retaining a world filled with flowers and butterflies with other children in the camp. 

The play is being performed twice on Saturday November 4th at The Overbrook Theater at Muskegon Community College and the proceeds benefit Gilana's Fund.  It's a local non profit that celebrates and encourages educational programming promoting acceptance and understanding of our communities, each other and ourselves.  Tickets are only $10 bucks, and you can get them at the door.  I was able to catch up with Lynn Frisinger and Anna Alpert who are directing the performance in memory of Anna's daughter Gilana and want you to know a little more about the play, their cause and why they are working so hard to keep Gilana's name and work alive.  Take a listen.

If you're in it for a history lesson or maybe you'd just like the inspiration of being part of this remarkable cause that's turned the tragedy of the loss of Gilana into a lasting way to remember someone who shared a valuable lesson with all of us in her time here, head on out to see the play this weekend.  I can't thank Lynn and Anna enough for taking a few minutes to talk about this today, learn more about Gilana's Fund at http://gilanasfund.org/ .