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The Muskegon County Airport Expands Flight Offerings

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Holiday travels coming up?  If you are heading out always check the Muskegon Airport for your travel plans.  First off, let's just talk about the simplicity and convenience of it.  It's right here.  There's no long drive, there are no long lines, there are no exorbitant parking fees and the overall pressure of flying drops by about 80% with the ease and friendly approach of the staff at the Muskegon County Airport. 

It's no secret that the Muskegon County Airport is a great sponsor of the Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon.  We're proud to have them on board because flying out of Muskegon is really the way to go.  When we personally travel, the thought of adding on a hotel stay in some other town or the idea of having to get up at 3 am to drive to catch an early flight is enough to ruin day one of any vacation.  The added expense, the stress then, when you get back....the drive home from where ever.....we'll check Muskegon first. 

The Muskegon airport is offering some expanded service over the holidays.  They have also moved their early flight in the am to a much more conducive time to catch connecting flights in Chicago. They are also expanding their tour flights.  We've seen the tour packages going to Laughlin Nevada for a couple years now, they are always a sell out and always a great time.  Now, they have added Atlantic City flights with S&S Casino Tours.  We've done the Atlantic City flights a few times and you can't beat it.  You get on the plane, and in about an hour or so...you're on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, and for me personally, 10 minutes after that, I am either down on a cheese steak or sausage and peppers from one of the great Boardwalk restaurants.

I stopped out to the Muskegon County Airport to talk with Marketing Director Dianne Hoffman and Jeff Tripp who is the General Manager of the airport to talk about the newer schedule, the fun flights and the over all ease and simplicity of flying Muskegon.  Take a listen.

Make your travel as simple as you can.  Cut out the long drive, the added expenses and the stress of the big cities when it comes to heading out.  The Muskegon County Airport offers lower fares, easier access and an environment that's much friendlier.  If you are heading out, visit https://flymkg.com/ to see flights, times and fares!  Thanks to Dianne and Jeff for taking a few minutes to join me!


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