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Muskegon Metro Area

Muskegon, we're in for a treat.  We love our food and restaurants that offer a great value and unique tastes are starting to pop up more and more in the area.  Foodies can rejoice on December 1st as we're set for the opening of a very unique and very good new endeavor called Gouleese.  Yes, it's a goulash restaurant!  Now, before you go thinking "a goulash restaurant?!?" let me tell you a little something.


Goulash is a dish that's got many different definitions around the world.  Growing up, goulash to us was always macaroni, ground beef and some other magic my mom would throw in a pan...honestly, I have yet to figure it out and since Mrs. O isn't much of a fan, I only get that once in a while now....but....my education on goulash from a global perspective is going to be growing quickly.  There are versions like Hungarian, Mexican, Italian and more.  Gouleese will also be offering chicken dishes, I heard burgers mentioned a couple of times and I saw a picture of a meatball dish that kids are going to go wild over.  gouleeseInterior Shot of Gouleese

Let me tell you about the setting too.  It's quaint.  It's casual and it's in a neighborhood setting.  Biedler street right off Laketon in Muskegon.  As you pull up to the place, you can see in short order that, as we've watch 3rd Street re-emerge Downtown Muskegon, Biedler could very well be the next pocket neighborhood to open up thanks to a delicious restaurant and in time, hopefully some more new places of interest that will come along to accentuate the resurgence.  It's the slow but steady progress of Muskegon redefining itself.  

The Grand Opening is December 1st.  That's this Friday!!  11am-9pm are the hours for you to take a few minutes out to enjoy the new place.  We'll talk about the menu and prices in the interview below!

Tim Painter is the principal behind the whole thing.  He dreamed of owning a restaurant at one point and worked to make it a reality and thought that a unique twist with a fun menu and one of a kind atmosphere would be the route.  He along with Emilio Trejo and team put all the work into the building, the menu and the dream...take a listen to our chat below.




I am excited!!  I am full too,  Delicious sample of the goulash and I was just delighted with the charm of the insides of the newest restaurant here in Muskegon.  I am telling you...as we were wrapping up today, we were talking about Muskegon and how nice it would be to see more neighborhood places like this.  Small stores that sell essentials...unique restaurants.....shops that cater to specialized items and shoppers.....kinda like the old days.   We've been through a lot in Muskegon that's for sure, but we're seeing more and more that people are saying enough of waht was and they are building toward a future of what will be.  I am so excited to see it.  Click on the photo below and follow Gouleese on Facebook!  Make sure you check out their Grand Opening this Friday!