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Recently I sat down with lifelong Muskegon native Marian McDermed who is the Executive Director of Family Promise of the Lakeshore to chat about the incredible way they help families in our Muskegon area.    Since 2009 Family Promise of the Lakeshore has been offering a secure place to stay for parents with young children who have fallen upon hard times.....but also, so much more than just a place to stay.  Family Promise offers ongoing financial budgeting education, child care-parenting classes, life skill development assistance, food and household item donations, children's activities and library as well as daily warm meals and fellowship with other families and no pressure church organizations. 

Families who are in need of a secure place to stay can simply contact Family Promise of the Lakeshore by calling 231-747-8855...after a general intake interview, qualified selected families can then stay with the secure Family Promise organization while agreeing to work towards being educated on budgeting, learning valuable parental life skills, looking for steady employment and a permanent secure household of their own.  Family Promise of the Lakeshores' main objective is to offer the tools and skills to help empower families to the ultimate goal of achieving an independent, financially secure life.
As you can imagine it is quite a huge undertaking to offer so many goods and services to so many deserving families in our community.   Family Promise of the Lakshore is a non profit organization with a large ongoing need for donations.   Monetary donations are the primary driving force behind offering a clean, secure place to stay as well as for the ongoing educational services...but item donations are equally in need and very much appreciated....all of which are tax deductible.  At the very top of the list of suggested donatable items: toilet paper, paper towel, disposable diapers, laundry detergent, all general cleaning supplies, etc.  Also in great need are household items to help families restart their own independent household such as: new or gently used pots & pans, linens & blankets, lamps, etc.   For a complete list of suggested donatable items....and for any other general information about Family Promise of the Lakshore please check out their website, youll find it linked on the photo below.
Big Thanks to Marian McDermed for chatting with me about one of Muskegon's brightest stars with a huge heart, Family Promise of the Lakeshore. By the way...a recent study told us that Family Promise of the Lakeshore has a 100% success rate with Muskegon families that have been part of this program over the years!  All the Family Promise families are maintaining their own financially sound, happy, healthy, independent households with the ongoing assistance of Family Promise of the Lakeshore. Visit