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The Lakeshore Human Trafficking Task Force Discussion Panel

Muskegon Metro Area News

Thursday night, January 25th at Baker College, a panel of law enforcement officials and advocacy groups met at Baker College along with about 200 members of the community to discuss human trafficking in it's different forms.  It was a great discussion and much information was shared.

At The Muskegon Channel, we believe this is the kind of programming that should be covered.  We set up our live studio and got rolling to bring you the discussion live on our Facebook feed and have embedded it here as well to archive it for those who missed the live event or would like to come back later and review the message. 

A programming note, there is some low audio during a video presentation.  For that we apologize.  We didn't know that we'd need to patch in to another device to add their audio.  We will correct that for future events.

0:00-0:37 Presentation
0:37-0:43 Intermission

0:43-1:29 Panel Discussion
1:29-End Q&A

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