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Britta Cleveland Stops Into The Muskegon Covenant Hall

Muskegon Metro Area News

Recently I sat down with Jon Felske, the Chief Executive Officer of Covenant Academies Foundation and Covenant Hall of Muskegon County.  Wow!.... What an amazing organization!

Covenant Academies Foundation and Covenant Hall of Muskegon opened its doors just over 3 years ago when community leaders, educators and law enforcement officials decided it was far overdue time to establish a way to offer our community's highest at-risk young people a nurturing, supportive, safe way to be educated.    Covenant Academy and Covenant Hall's mission serves to prevent youth homelessness and youth incarceration in Muskegon.  Within the past 3 years they have succeeded in educating hundreds of Muskegon's youth between the ages of 16 to 23....and not only providing them with their well earned GED diplomas, but a safe living environment and also life changing career and life building skills. 

Thanks to the generosity of wonderful Lakeshore based companies, organizations and individuals Covenant Academy and Covenant Hall of Muskegon has received all-too-important funding...making this important community change possible.  Donations and community support are always welcome. 
As you can imagine housing, feeding, educating and emotionally caring for these driven young students YEAR ROUND is a huge undertaking.  Covenant Academy and Covenant Hall has enlisted only the very best educators, councelors, life skill mentors and living facility care givers for these young people.   They are provided a truly safe family-oriented learning and living situation whereby allowing these students to flourish and succeed at their own pace with complete support that they would not otherwise have been provided.
It is so encouraging to know that there is such an incredible organization in Muskegon where our highest at-risk young people have an opportunity available to them to learn, grow and succeed in life....and not simply fall through the cracks.
Thank you again to Jon Felske, CEO of Covenant Academies Foundation and Covenant Hall of Muskegon County.  By-the -way, make sure to cheer on Jon as he is a returning dancer to 2018's Dancing with the Local Stars lineup this February.
If you would like more information about Covenant Academies Foundation and Covenant Hall of Muskegon please feel free to check out their website. visit http://www.mcovenantacademy.org/