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Here we are again!  A very warm welcome back and thanks for joining us for the 41st edition of Fit and Healthy With Becky!!  You might be finding yourself starting to slump a little on that New Years Resolution, but Becky is here this week to help keep you on track.  Let's face it.  It's not too far off till we're all back at the beach, out on the boat, up at the cottage....out in the know...we're going to be out of the caves and out in the public!


Like any other exercise program, please...consult a physician before you begin.  Drink lots of water, stretch out...warm up....get those things for your legs like that lady in "Flashdance" had...but after that...let's get to it!  Episode 41!

Hey, as Becky mentioned at the top of the show.  That swing dance class is a good time.  Get out, meet some people, hob knob a little at the Muskegon Country Club, have a nice dinner at Seasons a night or two and enjoy learning some new moves for the upcoming wedding season.  People are getting sick of you trying to moonwalk at receptions anyway.