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Americorps Seeking Members in Muskegon For Community Betterment

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We're all pulling on the rope to make Muskegon better.  We work in our own ways to help make things better, we work as groups, we work as complete communities.  Some efforts are small and unnoticed, while others are of the grand scale.  We team up under giant umbrellas like the United Way's Day of Caring or, you know...we might just pick up a piece of trash blowing down the street.  We are all digging in to what it takes to up the game...  

In Muskegon, we have some blight.  Yes...it's true, there are a few black eyes around town that need attention and they are held by The Muskegon County Land Bank.  When a property goes into tax foreclosure, which if you recall we did a story on a while ago on how to avoid that being your home, it goes into the Land Bank until such time it can be properly taken care of and sold to recoup the costs.  As the property sits there blight grows.  Eventually, the homes end up back in the hands of people who will be good stewards of their residence and community...and we make another step in the right direction.  

There is an opportunity here for people to help.  The Americorps Team is looking for some people willing to be a part of the work that goes into cleaning up these houses and neighborhoods.  These are compensated positions that also come with an educational incentive at the end of the assignment.  They are looking for 10 people to work 6 months.  You'll not only get a chance to help make our community nicer, safer and more valuable...you'll gain great experience on the ground level.  Networking in communities, fostering goodwill in neighborhoods, cleaning up what's wrong and helping restore our homes.  

I was able to catch up with Tim Burgess and Amanda Grover at the office of the County Treasurer today to talk a little about the Land Bank and how it works as well as how you can get involved in the effort to help with the clean up and make some money for the efforts.  Take a listen.  


This is a great opportunity to get involved, make change happen and add to the greater good.  This is community in action and it's boots on the ground to improve things for all of us.  We've done stories on Americorps in the past and the work they do in communities and strengthen neighborhoods.  This is your chance to take an active role in all that is good to make Muskegon a little better and make a few bucks while doing it!  If you'd like more details or to apply, visit http://www.co.muskegon.mi.us/


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