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Mon, May

The Greater Muskegon Optimist Club Hosting Camel Races March 24th at the Polish Falcons

Muskegon Metro Area News

Did you ever thing that one Spring day in Muskegon Michigan you'd find a bunch of Camels racing around to benefit the programs that the Greater Muskegon Optimist Club does year round for kids?  Well, it's happening March 24th at the Polish Falcons on Hackley Avenue and as we speak..,,camels from all over the planet are being imported, and groomed for the high paced excitement of the hoof pounding, hump riding "hee-ya mule" action.  Well, kind of.  

OK, that was "fake news".  You got us.  The real story is this.  The Greater Muskegon Optimist Club was formed in 1945 and works to give back to the community and enrich the lives of young people here in town.  Over the past 70 years they have worked and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help scholarships, summer camps, sports teams and classrooms. 

One of their biggest annual fund raisers...you guessed it.  Camel Races!  They have some camels, they are not real...they are somewhat like wooden rocking horses, they are done up in themes and special costumes to add a little personality to them and then throughout the evening dice are rolled and the race is on.  The fund raising aspect comes in the betting on the races and of course, you'll find some other opportunities to help raise a few bucks during the evening as well.  There's dinner...there's drinks...there's the fun of being at the Falcons and there's the opportunity to do your part to help some pretty awesome kids here in town with much needed things.

Denise Sabo joined me for the talk about the event.  We met up at the Polish Falcons as they were setting up for another big event and got the details on the evening. Take a listen to our talk here!

Great people pitching in to make sure that our next generation have what they need to make it.  It takes all of us.  There are SO many who find ways to make a few bucks drop out of the sky to help what's needed and you know....we've gotten pretty dang good at finding a way to make it fun for folks in Muskegon to help.  If you'd like to know more about the Greater Muskegon Optimist Club, or maybe you'd like to join them and help out, visit http://www.muskegonoptimist.com/.  Many thanks to Denise for taking the time to come by and talk about the club and the work.