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The Muskegon Channel Welcomes Adventures With Jerry Maxwell

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One of the great thing about getting The Muskegon Channel underway has been spending a little more time on YouTube as we use their platform for all of our videos.  I am not one to spend a whole lot of time there unless I need to look up something specifically, but I think a lot of that has to do with age and where I am used to watching things.  Younger people....they are watching more and more stuff online and even us "old timers" are too with things like Roku, Fire Stick, Chromecast etc...it's all streaming content and it's all coming online instead of a transmitter like we're used to.

Well, another great thing about the online viewing idea is this.  You have a chance to see things that no network, television station or cable outlet would touch.  You can see things how the creators of them want you to see them.  No consultants...no slanted agenda...no laugh tracks...just honest and genuine people doing and sharing what they love.  The other great thing is, it's getting to the point where just about anyone can share these things at a pretty affordable cost to set up and of course...it's free to share on YouTube and, you might even be able to make a buck at it. jerry 3You Can Subscribe To Adventures With Jerry Direct Here

This brings me to Jerry Maxwell.  Jerry works here in town at Hamburger Mikey.  He was a concrete worker before, but an injury keeps him from practicing his trade, so..he does what he can.  Like anyone, Jerry also has another side to him and that's art.  He loves photography, he loves moves, role playing, and has gotten into 3-D printing and mini set making in his spare time.  What caught me about Jerry though was watching his videos....there is really a sense of true joy in him.  He's so happy doing what he loves...he genuinely loves showing people what he's doing, the process that goes into making what he's making and the end result.  I sat and watched a video of his a month or so ago and was just pulled in, couldn't quit watching.  So much so, I invited Jerry to be a part of The Muskegon Channel to share his stories...take a listen.



Today, anyone can be the star of their own show.  Jerry brings so much to his sharing of what makes him happy.  So often, we all think that it's how much stuff we have or how big our roles are or where we fit in....but the secret of life, lies within everyone of us, and Jerry manages to bring it out beautifully.  It's a pleasure and great honor to welcome him to The Muskegon Channel.  We're just going to share his story...it's Jerry's and his alone.  If you get to where you think life is getting a little hectic...take an adventure with Jerry once in a while.  It will help you re-center things.  If you'd like to see the video that pulled me in to being a fan, take a look below.  Welcome to Jerry Maxwell and Adventures With Jerry!