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It's all we've heard about for the most part over the last weeks and months.  Quite honestly, probably with good reason as the world we live in seems to have changed dramatically.  At 47, I have to honestly admit that I look at life today and scratch my head a little.  How did we get here?  How did things get to be so scary.. and why do we seem to be losing a generation of kids under us?  I mean, it's a tough world and it's getting tougher...but have we honestly gotten to the point where it's so bad we need to go shoot up a school?  Are our entertainment venues really just giant corrals for maniacs to shoot in to? 

I know this.  There is only one quick and fast answer to this and that is securing the schools.  Period! delia raptorThe Delia Raptor Made in Muskegon - Click to Learn More

It's got to be our number 1 priority at the time.  We've got to have a plan to assure that any new school built meets a strict set of security standards.  Older schools need to have doors locked and access limited and they need to be retrofitted to meet stricter safety codes.  All options have to be on the table.   

I go back a ways with Kurt Delia.  Way back a ways.  He grew up around the corner when we were kids.  He took off on a police career and now he's trains other police departments and security outfits nationwide on proper tactics and procedures in such situations.  He also manufactures a tool for first responders in Muskegon called the Delia Raptor.  He invited to meet up with me to share a little of his knowledge on what it takes to secure an environment like a school.  He also brought along Fremont Chief Of Police Randy Wright who had just come from the Fremont 17 minute walk out observation on Tuesday.  Sandy's Harley-Davidson was kind enough to give us a little space to work in so we could meet a little closer to Fremont for the Chief.  Take a listen to their thoughts on school safety.



I know there is a lot of personal perspective in this.  Hey.....I have a wife, a daughter and a an entire herd of grand critters all in schools.  I am not one to think that an object is the cause of a problem, but I am scared.  We have a mental health issue here in our country and we also owe it to our younger people to protect them.  It's time for all of us to get to work on some answers.  There are many paths to take and it's time to be open and honest with ourselves about what's me....that's our kids.  My thanks to Kurt and Chief Randy Wright for their time today.  If you'd like to visit the Fremont PD website visit