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Use it or lose it.  Hey, we're not starting off the story with a threat or anything, but like anything if we're not making best use of what we have, we risk another loss and in the time of such incredible rebirth in Muskegon keeping our airport active is not only a great idea for those who may be coming in, it's a great idea for those who might want to get out for a little rest and relaxation without the hassle of going to a giant airport.  You've been to some of the bigger airports.  Giant parking areas with miles of cars, huge lines, traffic nightmares not to mention the cost involved of getting there...a possible hotel stay.  Imagine all of that gone.

It's just not like that in Muskegon.  The Muskegon County Airport offers one of the easiest and user friendly travel experiences you'll find. They have also been a long time sponsor of Positively Muskegon and The Muskegon Channel, so when Jeff Tripp got a hold of me to see if we could talk about what's new, I grabbed up the camera and took the short drive to Norton Shores. 

First up.  Some prestige.  United Airlines has named The Muskegon County Airport the Tier 4 Station of the Year nationally and internationally.  That means a level of excellence has been achieved when it comes to things like on time arrival and departure, proper handling of baggage and more.  They are also offering more direct adventure flights to places like Laughlin Nevada and Atlantic City for some casino fun.  A personal note...I have been to both and love them.  The Atlantic City flights with S&S Casino Tours are so much fun and so affordable you can't even drive there for the price you pay for a direct flight.  

Now, some ease.  Parking is cheap and easy.  The lines are short.  The service is friendly and the atmosphere is of friends and neighbors while you wait to embark.  You don't have to pay for a hotel to catch an early flight and wonder if your car is going to be ok in some giant garage in some other city while your away.  If you are a regular traveler the beginning or ending of the trip is met with ease or if you are an occasional traveler, you won't have the jaded business travelers looking down their nose at you with you while you find your way.

As mentioned, Jeff Tripp and I sat down for a chat.  Take a listen to the details about the award, the upcoming fun stuff and the possibility of an added morning flight for the business traveler.  Take a listen!

We're very fortunate to have the ease and convenience of the Muskegon County Airport.  We brag it up here for sure.  We're proud of their sponsorship of out work but we also believe it's one of Muskegon's greatest assets.  All they ask, CHECK MUSKEGON FIRST.   You might find a better deal elsewhere, especially if your flying with the entire family, but..take the time and see if all that goes into flying out of the big airports is really the value.  Visit .