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What we've seen on the news lately, well... it sucks.  We won't skirt the issue and we won't deny that seeing and hearing tragic takes a toll on us.  We're exhausted on the lack of sense any of it makes.  We're tired of being the victims.  We're suffering from the feeling of helplessness if that situation were ever to happen to us and we all seem lost in the middle of the arguments on either side of the debate.  

Current news aside, tragedy often is the mother of necessity and tragedy isn't always what's portrayed on the news.  Think about an accident at home?  How about an accident at a work site?  Maybe you are the first on the scene of an auto accident or maybe you're the one who know's CPR or the Heimlich Maneuver.  What if you were the one on hand and someone was experiencing a traumatic blood loss event?  Would you know what to do?  Would you be able to maintain your cool and help calm the victim?  What can you reach for in a pinch and what are the steps you need to take to get things under control until EMT's can arrive?  Well, there' a free class for that.  

Mercy Health is presenting a Stop the Bleed class on March 31st at the Youngberg Auditorium on the Hackley Campus.  The class is in conjunction with Safe Kids West Michigan and The American College of Surgeons and is designed to teach you the immediate, front-line aid techniques you need in the event you encounter a sever bleeding problem.  The class goes from 11am-1pm and as we mentioned, is free to attend, but you do need to register in advance.  You'll find a link to register over to the right.  There will also be the same class offered on April 11th and May 2nd so if the March 31st class gets filled up, you can always sign up for a later date.

I was contacted by Heather Ruffin from Hackley Hospital about these classes as well as her upcoming visit to Lansing to educate some of our State Lawmakers about some critical funding needed in the State of Michigan, because if you can believe it or not...we are one of only 2 states in the entire nation that doesn't have permanent funding in place for trauma systems.  We were joined by Holly Alway from Safe Kids West Michigan for our chat about the class and the upcoming Lansing visit.  Take a listen. 



We all spent time with "Resussa Anny" learning CPR.  Chances are you were taught the best ways to prevent choking or poison control, now, it's time to learn another way that can save a life and make a difference.  The class is free and what do you have to lose by having a little more knowlege in the back of your mind incase the next time comes along an you need to know how to properly and effectivly stop bleeding until the professionals can get there?  It all comes back to the old saying "The More You Know".  My thanks to Heather and Holly for having me down today.