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How about a nice night out for a great price and a great cause?  Well, it's happening on April 14th beginning at 4p at the Holton United Methodist Church at 9530 Holton Duck Lake Road and it's being put on by the Holton Fire Department to help benefit their canteen service that accompanies them to the scene of some of their work to provide some relief if needed.  Be it a fire or rescue type situation, sometimes a call to a fire department takes a long time and the canteen services provide things like food, water, coffee...shelter, warmth or a place to cool off while the work is going on by the men and women of the fire department.  The canteen services are not exclusive to the bigger departments you see in the city, and in fact, if you take a good look at the Holton FD canteen services, quite often it's made up of the spouses or family members of the Holton FD, so it's really a family affair. 

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Holton's FD serves a pretty large population for a rural department.  There are lots of well traveled roads that run right through the area as well as plenty of rural homes on dirt roads and tucked away places for some rest and relaxation or maybe some secluded privacy back in the woods.  There are plenty of lake front properties they service and their types of service are right in step with what any fire department sees day in and day out.  Fire, rescue, medical, they are even seeing some of the same things seen in the city when it comes to responding to calls for people who are trapped in the opiate crisis.  It's hard to believe that problems like that effect a small community like Holton, but they do.

Now, on to the good part.  The Holton FD puts on an annual roast beef dinner with all the trimmings to help benefit their canteen staff.  The beef is slow roasted for hours first then carved up and served with everything you love for only $9 bucks!  You can't even buy a sandwich for that!!  The dinner will be held April 14th and Holton Fire Cheif Mark Hawk joined me to talk a little bit about the Holton FD as well as the dinner and some of the other fun events that happen in Holton over the course of the year, take a listen.




 It's still a thrill to visit a fire department and to know that so many good people risk life and limb to make sure the people in the northern tier of the county are taken care of is a great thing.  To know too, that there is a group behind our first responders in any community speaks volumes of everyone in our area.  It's a great dinner for $9 bucks.  You can get it dine in or take out and the proceeds will keep those who support the Holton Fire Department doing what they do to be a part of the fight!  I am thankful personally to the Holton FD as they would be one of the departments on the scene if we ever had a problem at the cottage up in Twin Lake.  We joked a little in the video about the cottage, but I know we're in good hands.  Thanks to Chief Hawk and the men and women of the Holton FD!  Visit the Holton Township Website here .