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DUNEiversity at the Muskegon Sports Complex - Gaberielle Butterfield Reports

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Being part of West Michigan is truly a blessing. We have some of the most beautiful beaches, lakes and trails all at our disposal. If you have not been out to the Michigan State Park on Scenic drive you really should go.

 DUNEiversity is geared toward student groups and corporate groups. These adventure-based team building activities are tailored you your groups needs and budget. While you participate in this program you will learn how to become a stronger team through education about the local environments history and how to conserve it. 

It is important to stay active throughout the summer months. One way to help our children do that is through a week-long summer camp that engages them through multiple outdoor team building activities. There are two different age groups for the half-day dune adventures camp: Salmon (7-11) and Eagles (11-14) and are held Mon-Fri for three hours. If you are interested in the Full day dune adventures camp that will be held on specific weeks. This camp will be from 8am-4:30pm and will be for ages 7-12 years of age.

No matter your age and group there is always something for you to do. Some of the things that you may look forward to trying are: Paddle boarding, archery, summer luge, Kayaking, a Trail Quest and ropes course. If you are looking to just visit the sports complex without a group you can try your hand at one of the many trails or even have a picnic lunch at the beautiful beach right across the street.

Today I stopped out to talk with Bill Bailey about the new program that the Sports complex is launching called DUNEiversity, take a listen.

Thanks to Bill for taking the time to talk a little about this exciting program at the Muskegon Sports Complex.  If you'd Like to know more, visit https://duneiversity.com/ .

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