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United Way of the Lakeshore Celebrates 100 Years May 10th at the Frauenthal Center

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100 years!  What an amazing thing to think about that the United Way of the Lakeshore is 100 years old and we're here when we get to celebrate it.  And, celebrate it we should!  Think about all that goes on through the United Way of the Lakeshore.  Not only the giving...but rest assured, there is plenty of that.  But, what about the advocacy?  Their push for the ALICE program in Muskegon.  ALICE being an acronym for asset limited, income constrained, employed.....yes, we're talking about the "working poor".  How about Dolly Parton's Imagination Library - to inspire little learners?  Ride United? Day of Caring?  It never ends.  The United Way of the Lakeshore is alive...awake and active in so many ways it's something to celebrate.  

With everything going on today, you would think that in the last 100 years, it's not been all that busy.  Well, if you're a student of history at all, you know...things seem to repeat themselves again and again, and in the last 100 years, the story of the United Way has been much of the same as we're seeing now.  There are always needs that need to be met and those who roll up their sleeves to help meet them no matter where we are on the historical tie line.  Which is another really unique perspective about the 100th anniversary party of the United Way of the Lakeshore celebration.  It's going to be a very rich look at the history of Muskegon.  Who were the people who helped get things started?  Who were the "famous firsts"?  If you are thinking about heading to the party on May 10th, be ready for a serious history lesson on our home town.  You'll be hard pressed to find a better crash course on Muskegon history anywhere.

Along with the history, you'll find out about some of the current projects, some volunteer opportunities, maybe some future plans.  There will be a great silent auction.  A historic video presentation, live entertainment, singing, dancing and an all around feeling of community togetherness.  Something that everyone who's been shut in all winter could really use a dose of so plan on coming on out for the event where things get underway at 5p on May 10th at the Frauenthal Center. 

Christine Robere is the Executive Director of The United Way of the Lakeshore, we sat down to talk about the history and the event, take a listen! 

As we talked in the video.  We're pretty lucky Christine and I.  We see both the needs and the needs that are met and it's a pretty incredible view point.  Makes you pretty optimistic even in a world filled with pessimism.  If not for the get together, you should at very least head down to the celebration for the history lesson on what the United Way of the Lakeshore has done here in 100 years.  What better way to move forward than to know where we've been?  For more about the United Way of the Lakeshore, visit https://www.unitedwaylakeshore.org/ .

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