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Thu, May

The Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive May 12th - Save The Date - NALC Food Drive

Muskegon Metro Area News

It’s easily the simplest way to help support our local food pantries from a giving stand point there is. You gather up some non-perishables, you put them at your mail box on May 12th and you’re done. Magically, those nonperishables get picked up and delivered to those in our community who are in need and that’s that….right? Well, from a giving standpoint, yes…that’s that, but like anything that is seemingly so simple, behind the scenes there are hundreds of people coming together to make it all happen and it’s time for some of the unsung heroes in our community to get their due recognition in this project. 

The Stamp Out Hunger food drive is actually a project of the National Association of Letter Carriers Union. They are the men and women of the United States Post office and this is the 26th year that this event has been going on. Since they are out through rain, sleet and snow anyway, why not take advantage of a beautiful spring day and use the routes they run to help out some who may be food insecure and the pantries that supply people. Along with your letter carrier, you will also find a giant hand form other labor unions as well as other volunteer’s in the area who relieve the letter carriers trucks, bring the food back to the sort site, then at the site it’s sorted packed and delivered to the distribution points all over the area. The best part is…it stays local….right here in Muskegon so you know your donation will benefit s friend or a neighbor, and chances are it might be someone you know but would never suspect might be food insecure.

This isn’t limited to food donations either. There is a need for other supplies. Personal care supplies, like soap, shampoo, deodorant are all in need. Feminine products, diapers, baby formula, baby food. All some of the staples that people need to make life happen day in and day out will be collected on May 12th. Just put your donation out by the road, or at the mail box and it will be taken care of.

Conducting the band behind the scenes….Jana Routt. Jana is the AFL-CIO Community Services Labor Liaison and works out of the United Way office in Muskegon. She does a lot of events in the area that are designed to help great causes and she also works to keep labor up to speed on where needs can be met and how they can take an active role in making the community a better place. Our labor in the area not only work their tails off, they go out of their way in their spare time to find ways to make the place better for everyone, and the NALC Food Drive is one of those days. I sat down with Jana to talk about the event and her role with labor. Take a listen to the details about the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive coming up!

Let the folks behind the scenes handle it all. If you’d like to be a part of it, get a hold of Jana and tell her you want to pitch in. If you just want to do your part to help make sure someone doesn’t go hungry, grab some canned goods and leave them by the mailbox Saturday May 12th. This is a great example of how we as a community can all come together to meet a need and how some who will never be seen in the process will make sure that those who might otherwise go without, won’t have to worry so much. Nonperishables, personal care items, canned goods and more at your mailbox in May 12th is all it takes. Visit the NALC website to learn more https://www.nalc.org/community-service/food-drive