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Britta Cleveland Visits Sharon Gabris - Reiki Master in Norton Shores

Muskegon Metro Area News
This week I had the extremely rare privilege to sit down with a truly amazing woman... Her name is Sharon Gabris...a lifelong Norton Shores, Muskegon native but once you hear about her long list of unbelievably amazing skills, talents....gifts...you would think she was raised personally by the Dalai Lama, a high ranking Indian Healer, the Surgeon General, a Geology Professor and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Sharon is a Reiki Master Teacher... So what is REIKI?  When I asked her that question she said that, "there is no simple, quick explanation....but I'll do my best to sum it up"...  She has learned the skills to (as she says simply) be the "jumper cables" for another person's body.  Everything on our planet is made up of energy...and by naturally tapping into these energies... skilled individuals (like Sharon) are able to read the energies and simply discover what bodies are feeling, lacking, ailing from, mentally-physically dealing with, etc....the list goes goes on and on.  The study of REIKI will tell you that every single person's body knows how to heal itself...and by simply "reading" aka "feeling" the energy of a person they will know more of what is "going on" inside. 
Honestly, it is truly difficult to describe... Sharon actually teaches others (anyone) on how to understand, learn REIKI for themselves through the seminars she teaches.   Just sitting with her, while chatting on her back porch...I asked her if she could perform a quick REIKI on me?... She simply placed one hand on my shoulder and her other hand on my knee (for literally less than a minute) and was able to detect things going on in my body that externally nobody else would have ever guessed.   AMAZING... In that one minute it blew my bind!  ...and through a more extensive REIKI session she would have been able to see much more...for me, or anybody.
Sharon absolutely DOES NOT claim to be "magical" or "psychic" or any other "unworldly being"...REIKI has been used for thousands of years but she also firmly believes that Western Modern Medicine is also very vital to one's health.  Sharon also is an expert on so many other natural remedies that can (and should be) used by everyone, every day.  Sharon also teaches the art of Belly Dancing...with SO MANY natural health and wellness benefits that you can learn more about in this interview.  Also, Sharon is an expert in Massage, Essential Oils, Crystal Therapies and even reading the "energies" in the Earth itself...assisting Farmers on their crops.
If you are interested on learning more about Sharon and all of her talents...and learning more for yourself please contact her any time.  Visit http://joharadancers.wixsite.com/dancewmi .